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Good Luck Dan


Good Luck Dan


Dan DeWeese is headed back to college. We look forward to seeing him back here on his breaks. Dan is an absolute pleasure to have here and tremendous CrossFit athlete. Hopefully he'll find a CrossFit gym near school to continue his training. We wish you the best of luck Dan.

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  1. Mike e

    Dan, good luck at KU, see you in the Spring. Rock Chalk…sorry, I still can't finish that chant. Be well and have a great semester. MIZ…

  2. John

    ZOU!!! Dan, it was great getting to know you. Thanks for carrying me in the last partner WOD. Still can't figure out why a seemingly bright guy like yourself decided to cross over the border…

  3. Mandi

    Awe Dan I'm so sad to see you go but you better be making some stops at VP on your breaks! You have progressed SO much and your endurance is incredible! Have a great time at college and hope to see you soon!!!! 🙂

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