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Good Luck Dan


Good Luck Dan

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Dan Rohlfing is headed to Fort Meyers and trying out with the Minnesota Twins. Dan has been a regular in our classes and we're going to miss him. Dan's a dynamic athlete who pushes hard and encourages everyone around him. We sent him off with "Fran." Yes he couldn't leave without a date with the metabolic sledgehammer! Best of luck in Florida Dan!

We are getting ready to place another order for t-shirts. Of course they wouldn't be complete without a great CrossFit quote on the back. It's time for a little contest. Send us your best quotes and we'll pick 2 winners. Prizes to be announced!

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    "only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go"
    …..that's my motto to enjoying life! ~gnat


    Dan- best of luck to you!
    It was fun working out with you!
    Looking forward to seeing you do squats on the big screen!

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