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Good Luck CFVP


Good Luck CFVP

Amy w

Since we cut off Amy's head on her previous picture, we thought we'd give it back to her. Amy is quite an athlete and continues to get better all the time. Keep it up Amy.

The Pre-Race BBQ tonight was just awesome! Thank you everyone for coming out and bringing in some seriously great dishes. Herb was the grill master and produced some competition worthy smoked chicken and Bison burgers. We had a huge turnout. There are so many people challenging themselves at the Go St. Louis Marathon tomorrow. We'll have to get a head count. You should all be very proud of yourselves. A special THANK YOU goes out to Stephanie Teague. She is the leader of our Endurance program and thanks to her, many of our athletes have become great runners. You can also thank her for the great CFVP/Reebok Endurance shirts. Good luck everyone. Let us know how you did. So…check out the t-shirts.

Shirt 1-001

Shirt 2-001


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  1. Monica

    Had a great time last night & today with so many of you I don't get to see so often anymore. Thanks vp for hosting & for all the wonderful food. Special thanks to Steph for all the organizing & pushes to get us ready.

  2. Mshaw

    I agree with Monica. It was great to spend some time with ppl I don't get to see as often and our coaches outside the box. Thanks to Herb for running today as I know your knee has been bothering you. Thanks NAT for cheering us on everywhere we went!

  3. Timothy Reinwald

    BBQ was great! Love those bison burgers, Herb. Great job to everybody today on the run!!! Awesome job by Steph coordinating it all!!! Herb toughed it out today for sure, well done! And thanks to Natalie for cheering us on and carrying our bags!!! It will be the full marathon for me next year.

  4. CFVP Relay Team #1 Results

    26th place (out of 32 all male teams)
    Herb Sayers, 1:11:10

    Timothy Reinwald, 1:13:04

    Mike Shaw, 1:14:08

    Luke Steffen, 1:00:15
    Total: 4:38:36

  5. CFVP Relay Team #2

    CFVP #2 88/225 for co-ed teams.

    Anne Abbenhaus: 56:06
    Amy Wallhermfechtel: 1:20:28
    Kerry Herr: 1:05:21
    Eric Zimmerman: 54:50

    Total: 4:16:44

  6. Monica

    Thanks Tim!

    CFVP #3

    Dena Bashiti 1:08:37
    Darby Seymour 1:00:33
    Lisa Schuchardt 1:15:06
    Monica Kunkel 1:04:23

    Total 4:28:37

  7. Bigfoot Hunters

    Running from Bigfoot (157/225 coed):

    Dan Furnas – 1:07:23
    Brian Rouse – 1:08:38
    Jenn Kahle – 1:21:39
    Donna Smith – 1:00:04
    Total – 4:37:43

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