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Good Company


Good Company

Karen Wilson 

So many trainers and athletes have achieved "celebrity" status among the CrossFit community. As a personal trainer for many years, I can't stress enough how lucky we are to meet and learn from so many great coaches. Typical personal training certifications are based around textbook education and the people who teach it learn from those same books. Very seldom would you have the opportunity to learn from someone who lives in the classroom and the trenches.  A good coach should be able to  back up what they teach in classroom and clinical settings.  Without our involvement in CrossFit, we would have never know Mike Burgener, Mark Rippetoe, Tracy Fober, and so many more. I have learned so much more about exercise and coaching through CrossFit that it makes me wonder about my effectiveness as a trainer before I found it. Although some great coaches criticize CrossFit, there is no denying that it has brought great coaching, education, and much needed change to the industry.

Surrounding Karen are Max Mormont and  John Welbourn. Both are great coaches and accomplished athletes.

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