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Gone Fishin


Gone Fishin

Girls Run 3 IMGP2041

I'll be off tugging on some big fish until Sunday. Start getting ready for our "Row and Run" Challenge! We'll have some friendly competition on June 21st. Click here for details: Download Run and Row Challenge

Affiliate Team WOD

-This one requires a hill. The steeper the better. About 200 yards will be good.

-8 Rounds for time

-Sprint up the hill

-20 Air Squats

-Sprint down the hill

-20 Push-ups

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  1. Jon

    Aff. WOD– 20:23 (Art Hill in Forest Park)

    I know I could've shaved off the 23 bonus seconds if I had refused to walk off the end of each sprint. That was the easy way out, and it cost me. Still a damn good workout, though.

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