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Giving it Your All


Giving it Your All


Whether you are working on strength, skill, mobility, or conditioning, you should always leave the gym knowing you gave it your best.

The October Challenge is complete. The female winner is Kelly Zimmerman with 83 lunges. We have a 3 way tie for the men. Jeff Larson, Neil Zimmerman, and Louis Clough all got 72. Time for a tie-breaker. 1 Mile Airdyne for time. This must be witnessed. Great job everyone.

The November Challenge is here. This is a 2 part challenge. You must do both with no rest period. L-sit for time. A stack of plates will be standard height for the feet. When feet touch the plates, the attempt is over. You then have 2 minutes to row max calories. Total time and calories will give you a score. If you cannot do an L-sit, you can subsitute a Tuck Sit.

7 Responses

  1. Lisa Moore

    great job Kelly, Jeff, Neil and Louis. Cant wait to see who nails the tie break. Looking good Mel… bar never bends in the middle….certainly not on anyhting on my chest and in the front….dang girl…Your such an inspiration

  2. Sharon

    Melissa – always giving it 200% and we're so very fortunate to have such a special person in our lives!!! Good luck this weekend – wish I could be there to see you crush the workouts!!!

    Kelly, Neil, Jeff, & Louis – congratulations on the fantastic job on the Oct. Challenge – way to go!!!

  3. Get it, Get it Girl

    Love, Love Valley Park. What an amazing crossfit family and always pushing, encouraging each other!! Let's go kick butt his weekend.

  4. Tina

    Melissa, you are so inspiring by pushing yourself and motivating others in the gym to do so too! Love your spirit and your big heart! Go get 'em this weekend and show the others how its done!

  5. Tina

    Kelz, congratulations on winning the challenge! You made the sandbag look light and you really cruised through those lunges! I knew you can move fast…chased you around as a toddler and you were always one step ahead! I knew it would pay off later!

    Lots of love, Mom

    Ummm, Jeff and Louis, Zim loves a challenge like this!

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