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Girl Power!


Girl Power!


I fell in love with this shirt Karen Wilson got while visiting CrossFit Balboa. Indeed our female athletes show great pound for pound strength. Individual athletes will have many strenghts and weaknesses. Depending on the nature of the workout, certain individuals will perform better. This is obviously true for men and women. We can speculate on men vs. women but there is some evident truth in the development of our athletes. Women seem to have a great deal of muscular endurance. Indeed, some of our best times for certain workouts are held by the ladies.  One profound aspect of CrossFit is the remarkable athleticism achieved by female athletes. CrossFit has broken the mold and crushed the stubborn myth that men are always stronger and faster. In many gyms, women's workout programs are treated differently than men's. Not here. We recognize and applaud their ability to "crush" the competition!

Rochelle Simmer of New Town Fitness in St. Charles is on her way to CrossFit affiliation! She has organized a nice event. Take a look and let me know if you are interested. We will try and form some teams to go there are represent Valley Park. Download New Town Fit Games 09

Do you ever feel sorry for yourself because you struggle with an exercise? Do you ever wonder if the physical stress of CrossFit is too much for you? Are you whining because you're sore today? This article by Jon Gilson may have you reconsidering your position. "You'll Be Fine"

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  1. Melissa

    Karen, did you have a chocolate covered banana after your workout? (Balboa Island is known for this tasty treat). Okay, two affiliates in Southern California down….lots more to tackle! I can't wait to hear about your experience.

  2. Karen Wilson

    Max at Balboa CF was a wealth of information and great to workout with. Sorry Melissa, no chocolate covered bananas! And yes there are many more CF's to take on in California!!
    Court – you can borrow the shirt anytime! I hope the boys don't feel too left out!!

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