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Getting Strong


Getting Strong

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You want strength? Deadlift. Spending time with fundamental strength movements under heavy load is a simple formula to develop real and usable strength. Initially witnessing the deadlift may leave you to believe we are using it to develop leg strength. While this is true, other elements are often overlooked. The deadlift will demand stabilization of the spine, throughout it's length. This means the musculature through the back, shoulder girdle, and abdominal wall will all play a role in lifting weight from the floor. This is why it is so effective at developing core strength. It is also what makes it risky if not performed correctly. We had a great class tonight and some superb deadlifting.

A new athlete, Michelle Hogan, displays strong aptitude with CrossFit.  Great job Michelle! Everyone did great in perfecting their wall ball technique and push-ups. Jared, Mike, Chris, and Courtney cruushed the burpee ladder. Sharon, Melissa, Rusalyne, Jennifer, Lauren, and Michelle all did great with the thruster ladder. Nice work everyone.

4 Responses

  1. Margaret

    On the side of the home page, he does say, try a Crossfit workout for free! I guess this means that it is a crossfit gym, he just can't use the name since he's not an affiliate? I don't know how all that works but he is definitely using Crossfit exercises. hmmm

  2. dan thacker

    To be clear. CrossFit does not "own" exercises. Furthermore, you can't own a protocol or program. You can own a trademark name. The legal aspect comes with using a trademark name for business and marketing purposes. If he is not an affiliate, he shouldn't be using the name execept to reference or give credit to CrossFit. His website has none of the required elements that each affilate has to have so I assume he is not an affiliate. Chances are, someone has reported him but I don't know if CrossFit has the time, resources, or persistance to pursue every person who uses the name.

  3. dan thacker

    Mike, I may have gotten off the subject but I think he is basically using the word Crossfit to possibly attract members? He is not an affiliate but like I said, there are many programs now that are using many CrossFit methods, typical crossfit equipment, etc. etc. It was bound to happen!

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