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Getting Better= Keeping Numbers


Getting Better= Keeping Numbers

Jessica Herr is one of many people who are really working hard, showing progress, and looking a whole lot different. We want to applaud everyone for really getting after the new programming. It's great to see times posted on the board but it's very important you are recording your results in your personal logs (You all have one right? RIGHT!!!???). The times on workouts on the board will be erased weekly.

We can't stress enough the importance of keeping personal records. How are you supposed to know how strong you are on lifts? How will you be able to determine if you can go Rx'd on a weight/movement? When you complete a scaled workout it's a motivational opportunity to think about doing it Rx'd. Yes, the margins may be big or small but something will come up that you can do Rx'd if you just get a little stronger. Speaking of motivation. Perhaps we should have "motivational consequences" when you don't have any idea what you can lift? Sound fun?

CrossFit HQ has a Youtube channel filled with intructional videos that will keep you busy for days. It's worth taking a look and subscribing. New playlists on the CrossFit HQ You Tube Channel. Check out the Gymnastics Playlist.

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