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Get Your Game Face on!


Get Your Game Face on!

Sat WOD 2 

Click here Download St. Louis Affiliate Team WOD's and Rules to view our workouts and rules for the August 23rd St. Louis Affiliate Team Competition. If you are planning on being a judge, please view the document. Spectators are welcome to bring family, friends, and children. We will have lots of people here so please utilize our parking lot on the East side of the building.

The 1st workouts will be a "Fight Gone Bad" style chipper that includes burpees, box jumps, thrusters, and shuttle runs. The 2nd workout will be a 750 meter row. The last workout will be a "Team Helen" that includes carrying a sandbag during portions of the run. Who will take home our beautiful trophy? Good luck to everyone!

Many of our new members are asking about hand care. This is an important subject. Handling barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells will toughen the hands. Of course pull-ups are a large part of our programming as well. Having tough hands is important and you are going to develop calluses. This is a good thing! Tearing calluses is not! Tearing your hands is painful and sets your training back. It is not a cool initiation! Take care of your hands so you can stay consistent in your training.

A pumice stone in the shower is a good start. When your calluses become thick, simply wet stone your hands while you shower. This will keep them managable yet tough. Shaving them with a sharp blade will also work but really, you must be very careful. Gymnastic grips can also be worn while training. Check these out: Grips From Rage Fitness Supply. These thin leather grips are comfortable, provide excellent grip, and are reasonably priced. While we suggest your mainly use these for pull-ups, they hold nicely to barbells and kettlebells as well.  

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