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Ready for battle 

"Gearin up"

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Front Squat 2 sets of 10, 3 sets of 8

W.O.D. "30's"

-Complete each exercise with 30 seconds rest between each

-30 Pull-ups

-30 OH Squats

-30 Burpees

-30 KTE

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  1. Just a thought for peeps to chew on when thinking front squat programming. Most weightlifters keep all front squat rep schemes to 5 per set at the very most–no 10s, no 8s, no 6s. Mostly 1s, 2s, 3s. If you want lots of total reps, you can always do more sets. I've done 8 sets of 3; Burgener has done up to 10 sets I think for the right person. Rest intervals can be varied with intensity. We don't want torso/upper back fatigue. Keep the movement a quality movement and don't let yourself look like a question mark as you try to stand up. A healthy back is a terrible thing to waste.

    The bar is in a challenging position and it puts pressure on the clavicle/windpipe area for some. Many have shoulder/wrist positioning issues. Take care to make sure positioning is good and don't let front squats become a set of grinding ugliness. Remember, this lift is basically to help you gain strength to stand up out of a clean, which for the most of us sane people is only a single rep movement. 🙂

    Regular high bar back squats are more likely to be used with higher rep sets (hypertrophy, basic strength development).

    Quality will help build quantity if you do it right. I am not trying to step on any toes here. Just wanted to share with the group what happens in a more traditional weightlifting/athletic development programming and why it is done that way.

  2. Mike Shaw

    The last squat program I followed for 1rep max strength was designed by Mike Burgener. I found the program on the website for Mike's GYM (

    I downloaded an excel spreadsheet that basically had 4 different tabs of programs to chose from. Each were labeled for the coach that designed them or used them before. I picked the tab labeled "BURGENER" because it seemed so simplistic.

    The program basically had you squatting twice a week Mon/Thurs for 12 weeks total. Mondays were back squats and Thursdays were front squats.
    About 8 of the 12 weeks you were doing 10 sets of triples. (10×3). The weight you lifted each week was determined by your 1rep max which you plugged into the spreadsheet before you started week 1. Once your 1RM for front/Back squat was determined, the spreadsheet would calculate, based on percentages, what % of your 1rep max you would lift each week.

    The program was easy to follow and I was able to add 30# to my 1RM BS. I still have my spreadsheet, but when I checked the website recently, It seems as though the spreadsheet has changed, at least on the BURGENER tab (missing info). I'm not sure if it was removed for a specific reason or not. I still have the original if anyone is interested.

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