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Fun and Games


Fun and Games


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    It's that time of year again. The 2013 CrossFit Games Sectional Open starts on March 6th. Registration opens today. CFVP will again register as an affiliate to host the open workouts, judge workouts, and submit scores. Like the years before, we will host a day and time for people to come in and do the workouts. Each affiliate is scored as one big team with the opportunity to qualify individuals and a team. Anyone can register and submit scores. We encourage everyone to participate. The more scores we get the better. Check out information here: 2013 CrossFit Games

    Speaking of games. Our first Inter Gym Competition will take place on February 23rd. We've decided to put all of the information in a document and e-mail it to you. It will come out sometime today. Please be sure to send us any questions and start finding a partner. Once you have your WOD buddy, please e-mail dan@crossfitvalleypark so we can start forming a roster.



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