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Friday Work: Dynamic warm up with mobility drills. Tackle the workout of the day. Cool down with a minimum 1o minutes of stretching.


-Run 400 Meters, 20 Dead hang pull-ups, 20 Barbell Push-Press, 20 Back Squats, 20 Ring Dips

-Run 800 Meters, 15 Dead hang pull-ups, 15 Barbell Push-Press, 15 Back Squats, 15 Ring Dips

-Run 1200 Meters, 10 Dead hang pull-ups, 10 Barbell Push-Press, 10 Back Squats, 10 Ring Dips

-Use same weight for barbell movements. If you cannot do that many dead hang pull-ups, sub body rows. If you cannot do that many ring dips, sub GOOD push-ups.

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  1. Darby Seymour

    Did it! Done! Thank God! I was really concerned after rowing (rowed instead of ran) and could barely get up for the first of 45 pullups!!!

  2. great job darby! Got it done at 9:30 with trey, ricki, and Melissa H – great to have you back melissa!!! Herb's clock broke, so I am going to say we all did it in under 20 minutes 🙂

  3. Trey

    Darby, that's amazing! I can't imagine using your arms and shoulders on the row, then immediately doing those pullups…you're truly tough!!

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