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  1. Trey

    It is CRAZY that Mike Basile was able to predict his workout time down to the exact SECOND! And he had no way of cheating on that, either, because the last part of the WOD was outside, where you can't see the clock. The odds of guessing the time (on a WOD none of us had ever done before) are astronomical, I'd imagine. Mike, any predictions on the World Series? Super Bowl? Stock Market?

  2. Mike B

    Yeah, that was some freaky trance I had going on there, sorry to frighten you LMJ. Don't be afraid to look me in the eyes, the list of people I've hypnotized or burnt their retinas out is short. Trey, I'm going with the Cardinals via the wildcard, Ravens in the Superbowl, mnkd to be the stock to explode between now and early 2011.

  3. Trey

    Legs were dead from the Luster workout the day prior…felt like I was dragging bigtime. Plus comparing yourself to Stephanie, Mike, and Brooke on a WOD with running is not healthy for the ole' ego. 🙂

  4. Brian R.

    I understand that. It's hard to compare one's running ability with Stephanie, primarily because she's so far out in front you can barely see her.

  5. Dan forgot to tape the biggest obstacle of all, his big excursion parked right in the middle of the run route. Was just glad we didn't have to do the Thacker car lift as part of the wod. Great job everyone – love those running wods!

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