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Brian R

Our CrossFit Games qualifiers got some great press!  "Preparation" with top performers from the 2010 CrossFit Games Midwest Sectionals – video [wmv] [mov]

Friday Stength/Skill Work: "Black Box"  Be nice to your coach!


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  1. Trey

    Our Black Box had a lovely surprise in it…20 friggin' 30ft. bear crawls, along with nine other exercises. That's one gift box I wanted to give BACK. Also, nice rope jumpin' Bri–looks like you're ready for the Double Dutch Bus!! Better kick off the curb…move your feet!

  2. Steph T.

    Looks like I picked a good day to take off!Thanks for taking one for the team Trey, you can do my bear crawls anytime. See you guys on Sunday for the run/row

  3. Trey

    Steph, you can totally make it up to me by being my partner in the Run/Row–although, since you'll be doing the 400M runs in, like, 60 seconds, I won't get a lot of rest–on second thought, be Dan Furnas' partner! 😉

  4. Tawn

    Mike – I think the purpose of training with a snorkel is to get accustomed to the altitude changes in Denver vs STL or whereever he lives.

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