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Friday, Fran, Food, and Fun


Friday, Fran, Food, and Fun



The cumulative energy output tonight was probably enough to power the city of Valley Park for the weekend! Our Friday night funfest started out with 3 heats of "Fran". We had 12 guys shooting for that PR. Many got it! The highlight had to be Jon Levy, who finished in 3:45. Jon moved with endless energy and determination. It was inspiring. Great job everyone.

What is it about "Fran" that strikes such nervous energy? I always have this tremendous desire to take her on but there is always the thought of the aftermath. The workout is a blur. Voices cheering you on, music blaring out, and protesting grunts of pain seem to be muted. You are in a world of your own, a fight, and it's awesome. Not many workouts leave you in such a destructed state as "Fran". Although it's relatively short, it carries a knockout punch.

The ladies were next with a very tough workout. Partners worked to accomplish 150 Thrusters, 100 Sumo DL High Pulls, and 50 Over/Unders with 50 sit-ups between each. With the guys cheering them on, these ladies were relentless, determined, and focused. Great job ladies!

Food and drinks soothed our battered bodies as we settled into food prepared by the grill master, Orie Shafer. Thank you everyone for bringing some wonderful side dishes. I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday night.

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