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Monday 5-19-2014


Monday 5-19-2014

Workout of the Day
Warm up to include: Push/Power Jerk Technique
Front or OH Squat
-Warm up to a set of 6 @ 9 RPE
-Try to add a rep each set at the same weight.
-Only drop the load if absolutely needed.
-If you are on target with starting weight, you should possibly need to drop the load only for the sets of 8 and 9.
Parallette Shoot Through
4 x 6-8
-You can add a push up to the movement.
-If you are strong on this, SLOW the movement down.
10 Minute AMRAP
-Buy in: 400 M run, 40 Lunges, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, 10 burpees
Competition: AMRAP 5 Clean and Jerk, 10 box overs. #185/#123 24/20
Sport: AMRAP 5 Power Clean and Jerk, 10 Box Jumps #135/#93 24/20
Performance: AMRAP 5 Thruster. 10 bar facing burpees #95/#63

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