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Carrie, TGU

"Foreground: Turkish Get Up. Background: Turksish Lay Down"

 Hey everyone! Don't forget about our Trivia Night coming up on the 19th. There will be lots of prizes, food, and drink. We also have the "Ultimate Helen 5K" event coming up on July 10th. You won't want to miss that one. We hope you can come out and support our Affiliate Team!

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Warm up. Then weakness work. Pick 3 movements that you stuggle with and get after it! WOD: Not sure but our Sandbags are fixed up and ready to be abused! hint hint.

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  1. Jim Hurley

    I totally recognize the Turkish lay down. In fact, i approach world class in that event, almost every day, post-WOD

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