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"For your listening pleasure……. or not"

Please excuse the post. We're on a home computer with no pictures of our great CFVP athletes. Please come out to CrossFit TNT this Saturday to cheer on our team and individual competitors.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Warm up to include KB swing technique. A unique aspect to the KB swing is that the weight dynamically loads the posterior chain by traveling behind our center of gravity. Work on a squat/hinge position that resembles your deadlift starting position. Walking Lateral Lunges 5 x 8 each leg. Alernate with Single Arm KB Bottoms Up Press 5 x 8 each arm.


8 Responses

  1. Packers Fan

    Hey, it was way better than the half time show.
    Oh and she didn't get the words wrong, just added to much flavor to it and it sounds weird.

  2. Jim Avery

    Not only did she not get the words right, she also didn't get the melody right. Why can't anyone get the song right. I mean the song is written a certain way, that is why there is sheet music. I understand if it's her song or she wants to redo her take on someone elses song, but this is our Nations song, so don't change the way the song is sang. I always like it better when someone just sings the song the way it is written.

  3. Vince Lombardi

    Hey Packers Fan,

    if by "she didn't get the words wrong", you mean she left out an entire line from the national anthem because she was trying to spice it up too much, then yes you're right.

  4. Brian R.

    Wow…Christina sang so poorly that she caused Vince Lombardi himself to not only roll over in his grave but post here too… 🙂

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