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Following Through


Following Through

Cphoto_goals  Well there are only a few days left in 2008. While we are starting to think of goals and resolutions for 2009, let's not forget the things we are currently reaching for. Many of you are on the "progress board" with some very good goals. The idea was to give yourself a deadline. With a few days left to meet that deadline, some of you may have just figured it's not going to happen. Others may be ready to mark it off as "accomplished!" I know I have 2 tough tasks ahead of me this week. I have given myself a deadline and I'm going to do it. Are you ready to make your attempts? If not, why? Did you write the goal down only to spend no time working on it? It's time to ask yourself some tough questions and be honest with your answers. If you have thought of things like this as trivial, think again! Setting goals couldn't be more important. While we are working towards better health and fitness, we need targets in the crosshairs. They give us direction, motivate us, and give us something to look forward to. The CrossFit model solves the problem of  those "mindless" days many of us used to spend in the gym, going through motions with no real goal in mind. It presents challenges, opportunity to achieve, inspire, and grow.

Why the deadline? Because he clock never stops. Each minute, day, week, month, and year that goes by does not get refunded. Putting things off typically starts and endless cascade of reasons to keep putting it  off. I know many people getting ready to start a diet or an exercise program but wait because the holidays are here, they have a social event…but after that, or work is just too busy right now. Blah blah blah. Nonsense. Set your goals and set a time frame. If you are on that board, you have signed a contract with us and more importantly, yourself. Follow through.

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