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Fight Gone Bad


Fight Gone Bad

Sebastian Perez hit 355 today. Stephanie Teague and Dawn Wilhelm both broke the 300 mark. There were lots of high 200's as well. Nice work Valley Park.

Fight Gone Bad. Love it? Hate it? Most of us learn something each time we do it. What are the best strategies? There's a "championship" version that is 5 rounds. You know it's coming.

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  1. Darby

    Great job Sebastian! Girls.. Steph and Dawn … Impressive… If my head wasn't spinning and I didn't have to fight off that puky feeling I am certain I would have done better..UGG! Hate FGB but always a good workout!

  2. BMJ

    Brian, In my opinion, if someone is capable of good box jumps, then step ups should not be allowed. The step up is appropriate for some folks. The power and agility aspect of a box jump makes it a different movement than the step up. Complete the workout doing one or the other.

  3. Brian R.

    I can buy that. So, when FGB comes up again I will NOT be eligible for "paying the price" of not setting a PR! Only box jumps in the strictest sense next time! 🙂

  4. MShaw

    Regarding the Step-up debate, I think you should pick one or the other depending on your ability, but don't mix and match a movement in a very well known WOD.
    If you start doing box jumps, then you do them for all 3 rounds.
    Rx = box jumps imo.

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