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Fight Gone Bad


Fight Gone Bad



"The Hill From Hell" Aromas, California

The previously posted link to our Fight Gone Bad Fundraising Page is not working. You can go here Fight Gone Bad, 2009 to register, donate, or view our progress. If you are planning on participating, please go follow the link, click on "Register" and sign-up. You will find us on the list of participating teams. You can also make a donation when you register. You don't have to donate to participate and we'd like everyone to come out for the workout. It's a great cause. We will have 2 versions of the workout.

FIght Gone Bad is 5 exercises. Each one is performed for 1 minute and the athlete will move from one station to the next with no rest. There are 3 rounds with a 1 minute rest between rounds. Your score is determined by total number of repetitions. The movements are wall ball, DL high pull, box jump, push press, and rowing for calories.

VERSION 1 is prescribed with 75# (men), 55# (women) on the barbells,  20# wall ball (men), 14# wall ball (women), and 20 inch box.

VERSION 2 is prescribed with 65# (men), 45# (women) on the barbells, 14# wall ball (men), 10# wall ball (women), and 16 inch box.

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  1. dan thacker

    I know Karen, you want a 30 lb. ball. Sorry Dynamax only makes them up to 20 lbs. We can find a boulder for you. 🙂

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