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It's interesting to see how this complex emotion takes a role in physical training. Although there are obvious cases where it is beneficial, it should generally be discouraged in the gym. Let me clarify. Fear can keep you safe when you don't know what you are doing or when you consider attempting something way above your abilities. With watchful eyes and good instruction, you can let that feeling subside and change gears. As you are guided through progressions you will become stronger, skilled, and competent. Fear will be quickly substituted with confidence. At some point, fear will only hold you back.

We love our gymnastics rings! There are some of you who don't share this feeling. That is ok. They are not easy and should be used with care. They are also the best tools to develop core control and upper body strength. Prepare to incorporate more ring drills into your skills work. Set your fears aside.

I have been asked recently about Colon Cleansing . From what I have learned, colon cleansing is risky and a complete waste of money. This is another example of so called "professionals" trying to scare you into believing you have 5-10 pounds of impacted "fecal matter" sticking to the walls of your bowels. Here is that emotion again….FEAR. They like to use that scary word, "toxins." What toxins exactly? What fecal matter? Trust me, if you had black, caked up fecal matter lining your bowels, you would be extremely sick. The FDA won't touch this subject because it's all regarded as supplemental, herbal remedies. Should the FDA and AMA at least warn you against shoving tubes up your rectum? I have seen many infomercials for Dual Action Cleanse.  I think they deliberately use a greasy funny looking spokesperson just so you remember his face. When I searched for research to support these clowns, I found nothing. There is no real medical research to support this so called benefit. Of course, the websites selling product do a great job with their own reports and advertising. Keep your colon clean with a proper diet and exercise.

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