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Farewell Party


Farewell Party

Courtney BW Orie BW

Courtney Kleefus and Orie Shafer will be moving soon to start new careers. This marks a truly sad period for our group here at CrossFit Valley Park. It also marks great beginnings for both of them in their new jobs. Orie has been with us from the start. He walked in to our former location and soon became a great training partner. His knowledge in exercise science and nutrition became most helpful to us and all of our members. He generously donated his time and welcomed any questions. It was always fun chasing him in tough metcons. I'm sure he'll continue his athletic pursuits at another affiliate. Courtney came to us with a little persuasion from her husband Bret. Already stacked with talent, she improved extremely fast! In fact she made our 2009 Affiliate Team but had to give up her spot due to job demands. Courtney is a true CrossFitter. She is a blast to be around and her abilities inspire others. She is sure to become a valuable member at one of the Austin affiliates. We're going to miss both of you.

We'll be hosting a get together for Courtney and Orie on Friday, August 14th. We'll meet at Llywelyns Pub in Wester Groves. I am looking into booking a private room. Plan on starting at 6 p.m. 

CrossFit Valley Park will be hosting some occasional outdoor workouts. Our first one will  be on Satuday, August 1st at 9 a.m. Classes at the gym will be cancelled on that day. In case of bad weather, classes will run as scheduled. The location will be Des Peres Park. We will meet by the playground.  

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  1. I'll be there! Thanks, Dan.

    Does anyone know if Llywelyn's makes a decent Old-Fashioned? I might need a steady stream of them to keep from getting too emotional.

  2. Court

    an old fashioned is the most fabulous drink ever. muddle cherries and orange with a sugar cube. Add ice. Add bourbon. Add bitters. Add a splash of club. Orie, I completely forgot you love this drink, too! Should be a fun night.

  3. Chris

    FYI…there is a video of the affilate hill run on the Crossfit games page. There are a few very brief shots of our 18th place warriors.

  4. Rusalyne

    Courtney and Orie
    It's my pleasure to have known you. Courtney for your warm smile and encouragement. Orie for all the great meals, encouragement and for all your help. As you both start this new chapter in your lives you will take a small part of everyone's heart at CFVP with you. Best wishes to you both.

  5. Corey

    I will be at the party!! I have only been at the gym for about 6 months but you both have been great! You both will be very missed and I hope you and your families the best

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