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Farewell Alex


Farewell Alex

Alex and Mel-1


Donna 2-1



CFVP would like to wish Alex Fox the best of luck with his job relocation. Alex will be moving to Denver next week. He should have some great CrossFit gyms to pick from there. We'll miss him. Good luck Alex.

The "12 Days of Christmas" and "Grinch" WOD's were on the menu yesterday. We haven't seen that much sweat since last summer. These were tough workouts. Great job everyone and feel free to have a couple extra Christmas cookies today. You deserve it.

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  1. Mike D

    So long, Alex. I'll miss you destroying me in every wod and contest, but most of all I'll miss the motivation that you inspired in so many to push themselves beyond what they thought was their limit. Good luck.

  2. steph T

    So good seeing you last night Alex and Im glad you were able to come in and celebrate your farewell with the 12 days of christmas! Great job everyone – you all look great.

  3. Sharon

    Alex, we will miss you!! Have a wonderful time in Denver!! Pack your sleds – just talked to my sister in Denver and they have 9 inches of snow today and still snowing!!

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