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Executing a dead hang pull-up is simply one of the hardest challenges we are faced with. For those of us who carry significant body mass in the upper body and relatively less from the torso down, we will have a significant advantage over other body types. Lacking a scientific explanation, let's just say there is less weight to pull. Longer limbs and generally larger people will also have more work to do. Individual differences will be factors as well. While this can be a frustrating journey, the benefits of the pull-up make this movement, modified or not, a worthy goal.

Kipping brings in a whole new set of skills to the pull-up. Now we are using core strength to generate a swing that is loaded with energy. This energy must be timed with our pull to create this powerful movement.

Our next team competition at CrossFit New Town is requiring a chest to bar standard. How does this compare to the standard chin over requirement? It simply means there is about 6 more inches of work to do. A stronger kip and a continued pull is needed to reach the bar.

Like everything we do, all variations of the pull-up require practice…and more practice. Keep pulling and good things will happen.

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Bench Press 4 X 8

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