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Rebecca Christy

Everyone say hello to Charley, Rebecca, and Christy! Our foundations group is getting strong. Look for them in our regular strength classes. Keep up the good work.

Thank you everyone for the warm Birthday wishes! It was truly flattering to walk into the gym today and see all the signs and gifts. The food was yummy! Thank you Stephanie and Tawn. You have all made this a very special day.

Everyone PLEASE take a look at CrossFit TNT's Rhesa Gieseke's story. One Year Later

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Max effort Back Squat. Try and reach your bodweight within 3 sets. Then attempt 2 sets of max reps. at your bodyweight. Take time between sets to work on dead hang pull-ups and "skin the cats."

18 Responses

  1. Sharon

    Rebecca, Christy, and Charley – welcome – you are doing great!!!

    Rhesa you are amazing and very inspirational – great job – keep up the hard work!!

  2. Mike Shaw

    If anyone needs a laugh I suggest going to YouTube and searching for "2 Crossfitters 1 chalk bucket" and watching "Part I", "Part II", "Crossfitology" and "Crossfit or Seizure".
    It basically portrays crossfitters as "shirtless camera whores with God complexes" has some bad words, so make sure the kids aren't around.

  3. Tawn

    Welcome Charley, Rebecca, and Christy! I can't wait to workout with you all–keep up the hard work! If you get frustrated during a WOD, just remind yourself how amazing you will look and feel in ONE YEAR or less!

  4. Tawn

    Mike – I watched those videos. Hilarious!! Clearly the creator is NOT a member of The Cult! There is another video of Professional athlete vs. crossfitters. Check it out.

  5. jake

    herb, great comment. brody, im sorry you're such an easy target lol!

    mike shaw, im gonna have to check those vids out. i'm sure the first one could get pretty racy.

    welcome charley, rebecca, and christy!

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