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Every Second Counts


Every Second Counts

Tape-measure  How important is your progess? I'm sure all of agree that is it very important. The path to looking and feeling good should be much more than the finished product. How important is measuring progress? It is equally as important. Your hard efforts need to have meaning. Without it, you are missing something critical to staying motivated. It is too easy to begin feeling like you are just "going through the motions." We have taken steps to help you with knowing your abilites. Our progress board and success journals are there for a reason. We will continue to do our part. Do yours. We don't want to feel like we are forcing this upon you but we do want to keep strongly encouraging you to keep up with your records. Mostly, we want you to WANT to take an active role in your fitness!

Our next step is to come up with CrossFit Valley Park WOD's that are specific, scalable, and repeatable. We will be introducing workouts that are for the books. What this means for you is that we need you to keep track of your times, scores, and weights. The workouts will come up again. By besting your previous attempts you will not only confirm that you are becoming more fit, but you will enjoy the accomplishment and stay motivated. Remember this is a game of inches, ounces, and seconds. Enjoy your gains, no matter how small the margain of victory. You are all putting time, effort, and money into your health and fitness. Enjoy the ride.

I enjoyed this article, sent to me by Courtney Yuskis. Do you worship at the "church" of CrossFit?

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