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I thought I would get a picture in from the Strongman event from this past weekend. The exercises involved with STrongman training are unique but not so foreign to some things we do in CrossFit. I would also consider many of these movements very functional. You can bet I've come up with some new exercise ideas. Adding variety to programming adds new challenges, skills, and fun. Don't ever get stuck in the same routine and you will keep making progress.  Speaking of progress……

  • If you are not signed up on our "Progress Page", get going! We are looking for you to pick a goal or two and try to get it by 2009. Let me know if you need help with ideas.
  • The Gymnastics Workshop hosted by CrossFit St. Charles is this Sunday, the 23rd. This is a great chance to develop body weight exercise. Any time you have a chance to learn from coaches in a particular sport, take it! It will be worth it. Contact me if you are interested and we'll get you signed up.

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  1. Dayna

    Wow, looks like some a bunch of tough guys in the Strongman competion! Congratulations Dan on your 1st place victory. We just might have to have a trophy room at CrossFit! I'm sure Dan M and Jon made us proud as well. Cheers for you all!

  2. dan thacker

    Dayna, Thanks so much for the comments! Yes John and Dan did awesome. We should do something like this at CFVP! Working on some special equipment already!

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