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Enough to Make You Sick


Enough to Make You Sick

Fake food  You have to hand it to Dannon. This company is great at creating "healthy" foods, made to diminish our ever growing health problems. And the creative marketing is mind boggling. First, we have the yogurt with pro-biotics…man made bacterial strains like "bifidus regularis." Get it? Keeps you regular. Or "L-casei immunitas." It helps your immune system. I don't know quite enough about these claims to say whether they are worth the price tag or not. I do know that you can stay regular by eating enough fiber, such as found in fresh fruits and vegetables. I also know your immune system will be strong with regular exercise, rest, and good nutrition. I personally have to draw the line when they turn this false nutrition towards our kids.

Danimals is the newest health food for your children. Click on the previous link and judge for yourself.  Thanks Courtney for the article.

The world of food is confusing. As much as we need good education on the subject, large food companies are making lots of money by confusing us even more. Our food aisles are becoming very colorful. Take a look at the cereal, candy, and drink sections. Then take a look at the produce section. You get all that color and good nutrition here. As our good friend Orie Shafer says, "good food doesn't need to make health claims."  We are fighting a battle against a powerful enemy. Be smart. The health of our future depends on you.

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