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This year's CrossFit Games brought so many things to the community. For athletes who particpated, it brought out new levels of effort. For spectators, it drew inspiration and emotion. As we watched strangers, members, friends, and heros compete, it drained us. There were moments that were hard to watch. There were moments that had all eyes on one single athlete. There were moments we expected and one's that took us by surprise. As much applause that was heard as the first athlete crossed the finish line, there was thunderous uproar as the last athlete finished. Perhaps this is what touched me the most and I'm sure others felt the same way. Like we often say, it's the effort, not the outcome, that truly inspires us. This weekend drained me but I needed it.

There is a flood of pictures, videos, and articles emerging from this year's event. I suggest you take time, watch, read, and think about the goals you want to accomplish. This is where great moments are born.

The Sporting News did a piece on the Games. A Day at The CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Downtown Winston also wrote a nice article. What We Look For in CrossFitters  

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