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It's not always the outcome that is so great, but it's the effort. CrossFit is a performance based program. When people hear this, it often produces fear and apprehension. Let's think about this one. Shouldn't every program be performanced based? Every action is a physical performance. Whether I am asking someone going through rehabilitation to perform a bodyweight squat or asking someone to perform "Linda", they are both performing. The only difference lies in degree. We've said it many times before but it's worth repeating. Your performance belongs to you. Comparisons are only used for inspiration. Every person walks through our doors with a foundation. If their will is strong, so is the foundation. We can build a bigger house. If their will is weak, the foundation is weak and it will eventually collapse.

Jake and Gabe joined my class last night. From warm up to WOD, it was all tough. They snarled and grunted through, with no option to quit. Were their times fast compared to many others here? No. Was the effort inspirational? Damn right! Sometimes the effort that took the longest is the greatest. Great job guys. When the star hockey player goes out and gets a hat trick, hardly breaking a sweat, the fans cheer. When a 3rd stringer goes out, scores, assists, and has the game of their life, fans are brought to tears.

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