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Double Unders


Double Unders


The morning class got a chance to work on double unders today. We can all relate to the frustration experienced when trying to learn this skill. Like anything, it takes lots of patience and practice. Remember the first step is to learn solid singles. Learn to bound off of your toes while keeping the knees soft. Try to stay upright and avoid the donkey kick. Keep the rope turning tightly while using mostly wrist to turn it. Once your singles are solid you should attempt a double under. You must learn the power jump to give the rope a little more time. The power jump should look the same except it's more aggressive, creating more height. Work on hand speed. Get some singles and you will eventually be able to string several together.

We have 2 Birthdays today. Monica Kunkle and Steve Himmelman are both celebrating. Happy Birthday Monica and Steve.

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  1. Kelly Roethlisberger

    Happy B-day to you both! Great job Monica! Guess I'll be borrowing my daughter's pretty princess jumprope to learn that skill all over agian!

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