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Double Unders


Double Unders


Jumping rope is a great way to get the body warmed up for a workout. It is also a great activity to develop timing, coordination, and accuracy. There are many drills and variations to jumping rope that can add more athleticism to your skill set. When we are looking to add speed and conditioning, our default exercise is the double under. The double under is challenging and is accomplished by increasing hand speed. You will pass the rope twice under your feet with each jump. It's all about timing. Although it will be frustrating at first, keep trying and you will soon get the hang of it. Here are some tips to skipping rope and learning this valuable movement.

  • Walk before you run. Learn basic skips and add speed to your routine. You should get comfortable basing off of each foot and alternating feet.
  • Be efficient. This means your jumps should be light and relaxed. Jumping higher will only wear you out. Rotate the rope with the wrists, keep the elbows close to the body, and relax your shoulders.
  • Start with singles. Attempt one double under for every 4-5 skips. Once you can do this with consistency, add more. Continue this pattern until you are able to string 2 or 3 together. You are now on your way to more continuous repetitions.
  • Initially, make your jump for the double under higher than your regular skips. Although you will eventually want to make this jump equal to your singles, it may help you gain enough time for the rope to pass twice. Remember, it is hand speed, not jump height that you are looking for.
  • Once you can string a few together, take on a workout that asks for many repetitions. Many times we learn something when we are "forced" to learn it. "Annie" is a good one to start with.


-For time

-50, 40, 30, 20, 10 double unders/sit-ups

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