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Donna Smith's daughter Falyn has been with us for about a month. She has been working very hard in our Foundations classes. Keep up the strong work Falyn!

Today was Carlye Spaudling's Birthday. Happy Birthday Carlye! Make sure you do your Birthday Burpees. Thanks for being a part of our family!

Friday Strength/Skill Work: "Black Box" 

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  1. Neil J.

    After returning from vacation, i realized I owe you 130 burpees. I got 65 during Tabata burpees, tonight. Can I set up a payment plan for the rest?

  2. Melissa K.

    Welcome, Falyn! You are doing great! It's fantastic to have another mother/daughter duo at CFVP.

    Happy Birthday, Carlye. We need to celebrate!

  3. Melissa Hurley

    Way to go Falyn! You've already got the Crossfit Determination look, it's contagious.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLYE!! I hope you had a wonderful day and are feeling younger.

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