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Do you want to perform well on game day? Make sure you are rested and recovered. A smart athlete tapers their training as the big day approaches. Remember the body is broken down in training. It is rebuilt through rest, good nutrition, and stress management. If you are competing on Sunday, Friday and Saturday should be restful and full of good meals.

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Straight Leg DL 5 x6. Alternate with "Get-up Presses." These are performed with 2 kettlebells or dumbbells racked in the lying position. Tighten up and sit-up to a seated position. Press the weights overhead. Slowly return to the ground with a slow 3 count.


-On the minute, every minute, for 10 minutes perform:

-5 Deadlifts, 7 Burpees 

-If you make all 10 minutes, sprint 400 meters all out

-If you don't, sprint 800 meters all out

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