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Sam II

Do you have goals for our upcoming "Ultimate Helen?" Sam Schaefer is getting ready to join the Airforce Special Forces division. He has come a long way and his abilities are through the roof! He got a taste of the workout and completed "Helen" with 800 Meter runs in under 16 minutes. Keep up the good work Sam.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: 1 1/2 Back Squats. 5 X 5. The 1 1/2 back squat is completed by achieving a full squat, then coming up just above parallel, then back down into a full squat. This is designed to help you develop stength in the bottom of your squat. Alternate with dead hang pull-ups, 5 X max reps.

9 Responses

  1. Dan F

    Congrats on the awesome progress, Sam! You are going to rock in "Ultimate Helen"!!! Impressive performance on Saturday with the 800m version.

  2. Mike B

    Sam – you are tough as nails.
    Thanks for the push every morning. Awesome to watch your hard work and dedication, knowing that you are going to be protecting our freedom. Thanks for serving. I think it may be your destiny to hit Osama with a kettle bell.

  3. Jared VA

    Looking good as usual… Osama beaten to death with a kettle bell courtesy of Sam – BEAUTIFUL!!! Make sure its 1.5 pood or it can't go on the board as an official accomplishment… lol

  4. Jeff S.

    > I think it may be your destiny to hit Osama with a kettle bell.

    YES!! That would be awesome. Sam you must do this. I'm sure you'll have no trouble carrying an extra 1.5 pood in your ruck sack.

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