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Determination: Let’s do This


Determination: Let’s do This


These will be the workouts for Saturday's Heart of America CrossFit Challenge. Good luck teams!

W.O.D. #1

-Total point value.

-Each team will have 20 minutes to find a one rep max Deadlift, Shoulder to Overhead, Clean, and Snatch. One athlete will be assigned to one movement. There will be two barbells and one rack per team.

-At any point during the workout, each athlete will have the chance to do as many consecutive muscle-ups as possible. The first rep counts for 2 points, the second counts for 3, and so on.

W.O.D. #2

-2 Rounds of Fight Gone Bad

-There will be one added movement making it a total of 6.  HSPU for Rx'd and KB Swing for scaled.

-6 movements, 1 minute rest between rounds. 2 rounds.

-Rx'd loads are #25/#16 Wall Ball, #95/#65 barbell, 24' box

-Scaled loads are #16/#10 Wall Ball, #75/#55 barbell, 20' box, 1.5/1 pood KB

-Teams can stage as desired except no one can start on the HSPU.

W.O.D. #3

-Each team will pick 2 runners to complete a distance. Half of the distance will be completed wearing a #20 weighted vest.

-Once both runners are finished, the team will work to complete 60 deadlifts, 50 power cleans, and 40 power snatches. Scaled teams will do deadlifts, burpees, and thrusters.

-Only ONE athlete can be on a barbell at any time.

-Teams must strip weights when changing movements.

-Rx'd loads are #275/#185 deadlift, #185/#95 power clean, #135/#65 power snatch.

-Scaled loads are #185/#115 deadlift and #95/#65 Thruster.

-Once ALL barbell work is complete, the 2 athletes who did not run to start the workout, will complete the run.


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