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Mike D

"Deep Squats…..Deep Thoughts"

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift 3 X 5. Ring Dips 3 X max reps. KTE 3 X max reps (strict).

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  1. Trey

    "Brian will SURELY split his pants on these squats, and I must cover my eyes in order to avoid permanently searing that image upon my retinas."

  2. Mike E

    You two blitzed through that wod, nice work. My legs are still screaming…and tonight we get something called the Machine of Grinding Destruction, sounds like it's going to be…uh…fun?

  3. Jared Van Anne

    Might as well coat your body in Biofreeze before and have a few beers and a sleeping pill after… there is no escaping the "Machine of Grinding Destruction"

  4. jake

    Hey everyone, check out this story on barefoot running that's one of the featured stories on

    The article contains basic stuff that most of us probably already know, but it's cool to see that "barefoot running" or running in Vibrams is getting noticed as a possible way to prevent/lessen running injuries. Now if only they would post an article on the POSE running method I would be really happy.

    For those of you with Vibrams, do you like running in them? have you run any longer distances in them (5K,10K, etc)?

  5. Brian R.

    I bought a pair of Vibram Bikilas which are more geared for running; I've used it sparingly so far.

    I used them during a 3 mile run and while I got my fasted time ever for that distance, my soleus muscles were screaming for a week; I could barely walk.

    Given that it's a good idea to heed the "start slowly" advice!

    For anyone that's interested, the book "Born to Run" is a very good read and focuses on this style of running. I have a copy of it if someone would like to borrow it.

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