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Dan Rohlfing is off to a career in major league baseball. Dan has been a blast to have around and we're always inspired by his abilities. Brandon sent him off with "Fight Gone Bad" where he beat his previous score by 100! How about 385? Great job Dan and good luck!

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 5 X 8. Keep the loads fairly light and work on the movement. Slow and low are the key words here. Alternate with max rep. chin-ups, strict.


-For max reps

-4 minutes of dumbbell Lunges (#50 total, #30 total), 1 minute rest

-3 minutes of  OH Press (#45, #33), 1 minute rest

-2 minutes of cone touches, 1 minute rest

-1 minute of hurdle burpees (lateral jump over hurdle)


19 Responses

  1. Kara

    Good Luck! Class will not be the same without you – we will all miss you. Keep up that incredible intensity, great things will come!! See you next September!!!

  2. Trey

    Go get 'em Dan! And when you get your team picture taken, don't stand next to a doofus who's making a "grrr" face. We've all seen how well that ends up, as witnessed above.

  3. Steph T

    Sorry I missed your last class! looks like you are in fighting shape and ready to go tackle the big league – best of luck!

  4. dan thacker

    I didn't post any other scores. I only heard about Dan's but hey folks, comment section is a BRAGGIN BOARD!!!!! You should ALWAYS feel free to post WOD results, PR's, or any other accomplishments in the comment section. Let's here some other FGB scores!!!

  5. Trey

    I also have to admit that Tawn (in this picture) reminds me of one of those Looney Tunes characters that is either extraordinarily angry, or has eaten way too much spicy food. All that's missing is the steam coming out of her ears… 🙂

  6. Kara

    Tan spa girl had sinus snot she was gagging and chocking and still faced the mother of all evils FGB!!! Trey had no food in his body this morning and sucked it up.. Nice!
    Mike B. was a beast – first time prescribed – wow! And what we can we say about Dan R.? He's not human. He just keeps getting better and better.
    I was 4 points below what I wanted..that bites -just 4 little points. When are we doing it again?

  7. Tawn

    HA! I like your crap Dan!
    Kara-Boo – You're so sweet and right! Everyone did really well today.
    Mike–Thanks for the lovely flowers! You brightened everyone's day today THANKS!

  8. Mike d

    Dan, good luck in the majors, I hope to see you play the cards in some interleague play. Hope we don't see you till late next fall.

  9. Dan Rohlfing

    Thank you everyone!!! I had a great time meeting all of you and doing crossfit this off season! I will definitely be back at it when i get home. There's no doubt that i have gotten in much better shape because of it!
    Im gonna miss you all! Keep up the hard work in the gym!! I'll be checking the site, and i wanna be reading about new PR's!!!

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