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Strength, Speed, Power


Strength, Speed, Power

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Dan Maners and I will be competing in the Strongman competition to benefit Cystic Fibrosis on Saturday, November 15th. The event starts at 9 a.m. and is being held at Emco Refrigerator off of Page. Please contact me if you need directions. Come cheer us on! I am enjoying the training and Wayne's Warehouse Crew is a great group of guys who put on a serious show of strength!  

Dayna, Melissa, Sharon, Troy, Jared, Orie, and I met out in the cold today for some sprint time trials. Getting back to Kirkwood track wearing hats and gloves brought back some good memories of last year. We took some times in the 40 yard, 100 meter, and 400 meter sprints. The competition was fierce and times were close. This is sure to become a regular part of our CrossFit training. Join us on the 16th for some more speed work. We will meet again at Kirkwood High School at 9 a.m.

What do we get when we combine strength and speed? Power is perhaps the most defining quality of athleticism. Increasing power output over time domains leads to an increase in work capacity. Speaking generally, this is an increase in fitness. Our programming is designed to address all physical skills, develop them, and use them to achieve the goal of accomplishing more work in less time. Exercises that develop power make up a large part of CrossFit. Kipping pull-ups, thrusters, kettlebell swings/snatches, push presses, Olympic lifts, rowing, wall ball, and box jumps are all good examples. They require focus, sharp movement, and aggressiveness.

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