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Dan 500 M row 

"Dan Furnas on his way to a 1:34 500 M Row"

Can you imagine being a professional golfer? During every shot you are surrounded by hundreds of people watching your every move. It's dead silent and all attention is focused on you. Those of us who golf know the game is hard enough without an audience.

CrossFit efforts often come with an audience as well. However it's usually not a silent one. Do you get nervous? Does it help or do you find yourself thinking about it too much? It's important to relax and prepare mentally. There is no question peer encouragement goes a long way. Besides, there's no time to think. Just go!

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Front Squat 4 X 3. Follow each set of front squats immediately with 12 jump squats (max. power). Alternate with max rep pull-ups (dead hang). This is a 3 exercise circuit. You should take plenty of rest after your pull-ups.

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  1. gnat

    Holy Cow…ok Dan… you've caught the CrossFit Bug BIG TIME…you started out with dead lifts…wow…you are strong dude!!! & then you just still were hungry for more & did some way heavy bench press…wow…look out!!!! & then you were still a beast & kept going & look at your 500 meter time!!! Hey…awesome…good for you..what dedication!!! Sorry I think you need to do a gorilla chest pounding roar of victory after your amazing day! 🙂 for all you valley park athletes…all of you male & female studs that came out to give it your all on Saturday…you did it!!!!!
    I am so proud of you…all of you!! What amazing work…cool how those goals of yours were achieved!! I give all of you a standing ovation & of course an encore & a drum role to amp you up for the next round…just to keep you motivated!!!! 🙂

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