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Crossing the Finish Line


Crossing the Finish Line

Rochelle and Jeff  

Rochelle Rowing

The Affiliate Team tryouts are complete. Results are being reviewed and will be posted soon. This weekend has left us all physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted! In fact, I am posting this after being in bed for over 16 hours! The intensity, effort, sportsmanship, and support was amazing. I can't remember the last time I went through so many emotions in one day.

Our final men's workout tested more than just physical ability. Two competitors endured  muscle cramps and injuries turning the finish into a mental battle. The accumulation of fatigue was affecting all the athletes. Jon Levy and Corey Lewis stepped up and ripped through this one and closed the time margains significantly.

The highlight of the day had to be Rochelle Simmer's finish. After a stunning performance in the morning WOD, she had gained back some needed time. There was still one workout to go. Faced with a grueling 2nd 100 yard bear crawl, she turned the crawl into a sprint while others barely crept along. Rochelle was battling from a 4th place standing after day one and showed her true competitive spirit and heart. Her fiance Jeff cheered her all the way into the finish line. The moment was exceptional.

Just as the women finished the last workout, the skies fell as a wicked thunderstorm broke loose. We were all quickly drenched as we scrambled to gather over 1000 lbs. of equipment. It made for a dramatic exit but left no time for some group pictures! For the athletes, let me speak for CrossFit Valley Park. We are so incredibly proud of the achievements you have made. To accomplish what you did over these past two days takes something special. We love what we do and to see the results in you is our ultimate reward. Thanks again everyone for such a memorable weekend.

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