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The “Other” Deadlift


The “Other” Deadlift


CrossFit Valley Park welcomes a new husband and wife team, Mike and Jennifer Shaw! They are pictured here performing one of my favorite exercises. This is commonly known as the "straight legged deadlift" or "Romanian deadlift". Still another version, where the resistance is placed across the back, is called the "Good Morning Exercise." This movement is designed to increase strength in the hamstrings, gluteal groups, and lumbar spine musclature. Furthermore, it teaches the athlete to move from the hips while keeping the back in extension. It is also valuable in learning extensions on the GHD. To increase difficulty, this exercise can be performed in a single leg variation. Here are a few tips in learning this valuable movement.

  • Keep the knees slightly flexed and  lock that position in throughout the entire movement.
  • Keep eyes ahead with a tight back and shoulder position.

  • Move foward at the hips while keeping spine extended.

  • Always keep the weight close to the legs. You should feel the barbell moving down the front of the legs.

  • Continue movement until you feel a tight stretch through the hamstings, then extend the hips back into the starting position. Reach extension finishing with a contaction of the glutes, being careful not to hyperextend.

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