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CrossFit Valley Park takes 1st Place


CrossFit Valley Park takes 1st Place

Brody Victory

Yeah…….That's pretty much what it
feels like.
More on the event when we get some energy back! We can't say enough about CrossFit Springfield, the athletes, and everyone who made this event possible. From all of us here on the other side of the state, THANK YOU!!!!!

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  1. Brody

    I want to say thanks to my brother Brandon, Herb and Dan for getting a box close to home for us! Thanks guys as this would not be possible. We appreciate your dedication!

    Thanks to my teammates as they were just completely the real deal! Jake, Karen and Margo!!! Jake, sorry for being a chump in the last workout! LOL You guys really picked up my slack for sure. And yes dan that picture was a great feeling!!!

    By far Crossfit has been the best thing I have exeperience in competition, including all sports I have been involved in at ALL levels!

    I know I ramble but Im excited and emational about the weekend.

  2. Chase Smith CrossFit SoMo Scaled Team

    To Dan and everyone at CrossFit Valley Park,
    On behalf of myself and our team, I must start by saying congratulations on your victory this weekend. I can't tell you how honored we were to compete against athletes of such an outstanding caliber. Your team was quite an inspiration to all of us. Now we know that we will have to train harder and faster. But that level of competition is what we strive to achieve. Rodney has given us the tools, we just need to learn to use them more efficiently. Thank you for all of your kind words both during and after the competitions. One thing that we love about CrossFit is the support and encouragement. First or last, everyone cheers. Give it your best every time and don't leave anything on the table. And when it's all done and you are lying in a puddle of your sweat, we turn to congratulate each and everyone on a job well done. Without that kind of support none of us could achieve the goals we set both inside and outside of the box. Thank you for hosting this challenge. We would love to come and play at your house sometime. I feel like our CrossFit family just got a little bit bigger.

    Chase Smith and the SoMo "JV" team.
    p.s. The next time you see me struggling to pull up the 150 c&j, just tell me to power snatch it… 🙂

  3. Chase…couldn't have said it better. I wish every person who doubts themselves or thinks they have no business in a competition could have watched your team perform. That competition spoke a million words and each and every one of us took a piece of it home. Just as my coaching helped you get through some tough PR's, your determination helped me be a better athlete and coach. You can bet I'll stop by next time I go fishin in Southwest Mo! Keep training hard and give those ladies a big high five for us.

  4. jake howard

    dont downplay your performance man. you were a key part of the success we had as a team. i think that last workout pretty much blasted us all! i dont think i'm gonna do thrusters for a month! lol

    perfect post. each time you are in a competition like that you find out just how much harder you can push yourself. everyone comes out better afterward. congrats to your team.

  5. Congrats guys! I watched some of the videos and they were amazing! I want to be just like you guys when I grow up! The only wierd thing is that Brody still has his shirt on in this pic and it was way over the 20 second mark into the WOD. Hey Brody, what gives?

  6. Deborah Morgan

    Deborah from CF Springfield. I was one of the judges on your team. You guys were awesome!!! Inspiring. Great unity as a team!!!!

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