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Biggest Winner 2

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CrossFit Valley Park has launched our  first "Biggest Winner" Challenge! We have picked 6 participants to compete in a 10 week transformation challenge. These 6 lucky people have signed on the dotted line, making a total commitment to discover a healthier life through CrossFit.

3 teams of 2 athletes will meet with a trainer twice a week as they begin integrating into our fitness program. Weeks 3-10 will bring them in 3 X per week and present them with team challenges. Although weight loss does count for points, we are also focused on their nutrition, lifestyle, and support systems. We'd like to thank Orie Shafer for presenting them with a nutritional talk today. These highly motivated individuals blasted through our baseline workout! Great job everyone! This will be a tremendously rewarding experience for everyone involved. When you see them in the gym, give them a warm welcome and words of encouragement. Stay tuned for updates!

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