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CrossFit St. Charles Takes the Cup


CrossFit St. Charles Takes the Cup

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Our first of many St. Louis Team Competitions is complete and I am spent! Again, the emotional charge of these events is so incredible. We had a huge turnout and want to thank all the members, families, and friends for coming out to support us. To all the athletes that competed…you should be very proud of your accomplishments. There were several people very new to CrossFit who came out and tangled with the veterans. That takes courage and you all did great. Welcome to "The Sport of Fitness."

Our day started off with a bang as athletes engaged in a "Fight Gone Bad" style workout that included some exhausting movements. No one scaled this event! After the bodies hit the floor and the music faded, CrossFit Valley Park was in 1st place by just 1 repetition! CrossFit St. Charles and CrossFit TNT held closely to 2nd and 3rd place. The 2nd event was a 750 meter row that left some athletes cramped and down for the count. We were concerned they may not be able to continue. Corey Lewis pulled an astounding 2:13 and he was feeling the aftermath. After the 2nd event CrossFIt Valley Park was tied for the lead with CrossFit St. Charles with 10 points. CrossFit TNT was close behind with 8. It was anyone's game going into the 3rd workout. CrossFit St. Charles set the bar in our "Team Helen" workout and they just couldn't be caught. The close battle ended up with CrossFit St. Charles in 1st, CrossFit Valley Park in 2nd, and CrossFit TNT in 3rd. With each affiliate having 2 teams, there were 6 places so it was so cool that each one got a team on the podium!!! Congrats to Kim Wilkes and her team. All for now….I'm whooped!

Strength/Skill Work Tuesday 8-25   OH Press 4 X 6

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  1. Corey

    Today was great!! All the teams worked hard and motivated others. However, I will be feeling the pain tomorrow. Everyone at CFVP will miss Courtney and Brett.

  2. Paul Cegon

    Thanks to CFVP for hosting this butt whooping good time. The entire comp was a blast! I've never worked harder in my life and it was awesome to see so many people working so hard. I hope you do this again. Congrats to CF St Charles.

  3. Rich Hill

    First I want to send out a super thank you to the person that made this all happen — Dan Thacker. Dan your love for the sport of CrossFit shows in so many ways. I thought you designed some really challenging team oriented WODs.

    Next I want to thank the judges. Judging can be pretty stressful because you are put into situations that force you to not count a rep that a person might have barely missed. For an event the size of this, judges were a must and it seemed like Dan got some great ones.

    Finally I want to finish with thanks to all the competitors and families that came. The place was so loud I can’t believe the police didn’t stop by for noise pollution. The cheers from the crowd, the competitors cheering on fellow teammates and other Crossfitters; this event just shined why I love being a part of the CrossFit community and hope there are many more events to come.

    What a killer event!!!

  4. dan thacker

    Rich, Thanks for the words bro!!! Yes, these kinds of events really bring out all of the things we love about our CrossFit community. The crowd was unreal and in fact, the cops did come during the 1st workout. Yeah!! Shake up the town! I can't thank the judges enough. They were outstanding. Families and friends, thank you. Your support does more to enrich people's lives more than you know. Athletes, you ALL kicked ass!

  5. Karen

    All you athletes did a tremendous job yesterday!! It is always so motivating to watch the support everyone gives to all the competitors! That support is what makes Crossfit so addicting! I was exhausted after judging and screaming at you athletes so I can only imagine how you all feel today! Great job Dan! We look forward to many more events!!

  6. Lynn

    Every athlete that competed yesterday was amazing and inspiring. I love the community that CrossFit offers. It is awesome and like no other.

  7. chad heflin

    Thank you Dan and everyone at Crossfit Valley park. That was an awesome first event. Looking foreward to the next affiliate competition! I know that the next one is going to be bigger and even more competitive with some more great athletes. I'm going to repeat what Paul from TNT said to me at the event, this competition was very humbling. Thx again to all who were apart of this!

  8. Jen Leander

    Thanks to Valley Park for hosting such an awesome event. This was my first event and I am looking foward to the next. Great job everyone!

  9. From the kids that will be competing one day, to the judges, timers, families, spectators, atheletes, Thacker and Valley Park family, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for all the organization and memory of my first Crossfit competition. Aug 23, 2009 will hold a place in my heart forever. Great Job Everyone for making it a great success.

  10. Tawn Keener

    Congrats to CrossFit St. Charles on your victory! Dan, you did an amazing job hosting the St. Louis Affiliate Games — props to you! I would like to give a shout out to TNT. You guys were an inspiration!! Every single athlete that competed was amazing, but watching the four athletes on TNT's "B" Team plug through without blinking an eye gave me chills.

  11. Court

    Thanks to Dan, the judges and all who came out to watch. I can't imagine a better way to spend my last day in St. Louis!! congrats to all who competed. The CF community in STL is awesome and Bret & I will miss everyone. If you want to keep up with our adventures in Austin (which will, by the way, involve an affiliate): Cheers to all.

  12. Rochelle

    thank you Dan the Man for hosting this and to your wonderful staff who helped with the BBQ and making sure everything was ran smoothly.

    We are going to work harder than ever to get the cup!!! congrats to all!

    Courtney! we will all miss you! good luck with everything!

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