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CrossFit Shoes


CrossFit Shoes


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"The New CrossFit/Reebok Nano"

Shoes are the rage. Runners now have many options with different support designs. Olympic Lifters benefit from a more sturdy shoe with elevated heel. Reebok has answered the call for CrossFit. They are marketing shoes based around all around functionality, including an Olympic Lifting shoe with a more flexible forefoot…allowing for jumping and other skills. We're seeing alot of them show up so let's hear some feedback. Are they worth the hefty price tag? Are the comfortable? Will they make your "Fran" time faster?

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  1. Costa

    I recently bought a pair of the Reebok Crossfit Nano shoes. As someone who has bought an incredible amount of athletic shoes, I will say these rate in the top 2% in terms of comfort. They are light, have good room in the forefoot, and are stable. Traction is excellent. They are really a perfect shoe for a Crossfit workout as they provide some, but not an excessive amount, of support. Highly recommend. I will probably get another pair in a different color since I like them so much.

  2. James

    I got my Nano's a little over a month ago and they are awesome! Very lightweight, comfortable, and durable. The u-form design isn't as cool as I thought it would be but for a minimalist style shoe they great. I do recommend getting longer shoe strings though, they tend to come untied a lot! Especially during box jumps and burpees.

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