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CrossFit Commercials? What is next for CrossFit competitions? Will we see it on ESPN or another major network? Why or why not? Is it any different than other competitive events, sports, or hobbies? ESPN airs things like Darts, Lumberjack, and sporting dog competitions. The following article suggests major coverage in the future.

CrossFit: Action Sports Investment

4 Responses

  1. I love the part about sex appeal and "pitching the quad". CrossFit really does "Cross", age and gender barriers. Very wide consumer base is right!
    Only time will tell…We have a responsibility to represent CrossFit as best as we can to ensure legitamacy! Exciting stuff!

  2. Tom

    There have been offers, but CF HQ always turns them down. They don't want ESPN or anyone else being able to tell them how to do things. Probably can't keep it under wraps for too long, though.

  3. Im sure it will be huge…or huge-ER somday sooner than later. I mean, it's a helluva lot more exciting than watching many other sports on tv….golf, anyone?? Not bein a hater…jus sayin..

  4. Jared VA

    Love to golf…anyone out there ever need a forth, look me up… but, on a side note, the state of Colorado is looking for its best "athlete". They will be testing anyone and everyone and assessing with… wait for it… body weight, height, vertical jump, shuttle run, and 10 m dash. My first and only thought was – SERIOUSLY! This was from NSCA! It is only a matter of time before these prehistoric and ridiculous measurement will be tossed aside in favor of more functional and realistic test (X-fit like). I would think that failed recruit after failed recruit (insert "draft pick" if you want) would have taken care of this… but, we are a dumb and stubborn bunch – just ask Dr. Romanov. Hopefully HQ will see this and figure a way to incorporate accuracy, precision, and coordination with constantly changing-reactive demands with propelled objects (baseball/basketball/football/soccer/hockey/volleyball/lacrosse/etc.) I can get carried away with this.

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