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Cory B 

"Cory Crushing the Sandbag/Barbell WOD"

Sunday: Rest Day? Nah! CrossFit Valley Park taking it to CrossFit St. Charles for the 3rd St. Louis Affiliate Cup Challenge. Game on!

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  1. Cory Buerck

    thanks paul. way to be ladies and gentlemen on a great performance at the affiliate games! way to represent! also, brandon! that was awesome on the last wod of the day filling in for david and not even breaking a sweat! Classic!

  2. Michael Buerck

    I was up there Sunday to watch Cory and his teammates perform. It was an awesome day. I was very impressed by the number of athletes that were competing. And also by the way the younger kids kept pushing themselves, as everyone did, to accomplish their goals. "Tone' you and your son and his friends are in my prayers. Invictus congrats on a great performance. Cory you never cease to amaze me. Always do your best. Love you Dad

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